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    Thanks guys, its been amazing so far, the tour continues. #foryoutour #uk #ontheroad
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    "If It was me that sang this song, I would have been in a lot of trouble, I will tell the true story behind this song perhaps when I'm 60" #tbt #notthegirl #dareartalade #production #cobhamsasuquo
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    Hello Friends and Family. Join me this Friday 21st of July at the Rccg Power Connections for the PC IMPACT Weekend. Time: 3pm Venue: 1st floor, 236 meanwood Rd, Leeds. LS7 2AH. #Rccg #pcimpact #foryoutour #foryoualbum #uktour #cobhamsasuquo
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    Ojuola Mi, this time every year I'm reminded of how blessed and fortunate I am to have someone like You in my life. You fill my life with so much joy and meaning. Everyday, I see through your eyes, the view is better through your eyes. You're a reflection of God's love and grace in my life and I see everyday as a chance to learn to love you more. If I were a president, the 17th of July would be a national public holiday for your sake. Nonetheless, I celebrate it this year and every year as a special day. Thank you for the love you continue to fill our lives with and even though we are miles apart on this special day, know that I miss you beyond spoken words. I've got something special for you. Please hurry up and come to London. And so this year, may God grant you your heart desires according to his will and purpose, may He fill your mouth with laughter, may He give you new songs, may He bless you with earthly and heavenly blessings, may God grant you long life and prosperity,Amen .Happy birthday my love.#happybirthday #friend #wife #lover #mamadavid #queenoftheasuquodynasty #special.
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    If music no gree pay....
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    This may not happen with everyone;but sometimes,some of us struggle with receiving God's blessings especially when it singles us out. And even when we receive it, we are afraid to talk about it or openly enjoy it because we feel guilty. We almost want to apologise for God's blessings to us. Sometimes, we fear that the enemy might get wind of it and come for us. So we shroud it or make light of it whenever someone acknowledges when God favours us. But we cannot continue to do this, we must celebrate the goodness of God at all times to encourage those who are patiently waiting their turn. We must celebrate the blessings of God over the fear of the enemy because God's blessings cannot bring with it sorrow and so there's nothing the enemy can do about it. We must enjoy his blessings without guilt because, it is His choice to bless us. So we cannot apologise for what he has chosen to do. And if we continue to make light of His blessings, we will find ourselves living according to our words. So don't say"it is not easy" especially when u made it through easy while everyone else struggled. God is merciful and remembers everyone, He makes all things beautiful in His time.So enjoy your time without remorse, God knows I've learnt to enjoy mine. I am Cobhams, I am favoured, I am blessed , I live by His grace and I am not ashamed to talk about it.
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    @dooneyskitchen please I can pay! You just have to help me help myself. How can I order? Give me a sign, a phone number, anything. I'm not proud at all, if you don't deliver,I can even pick up.Just do right by God.Thank you ma. #Nigerianfood #Legalalien #Nigerianinlondon #Ibeg #Foryoutour
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    Even the artiste did not know this at the time, but this is the 1st song I would be paid 40k to produce, that probably explains why I was doing the most! chai! but we have come a long way sha. #throwbackthursday #production #Djinee #Ego
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    Hi friends and family,the UK tour is on. For more enquiries contact 07576366314 or Assalt@gmail.com.
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    Life may come with its set of challenges. Our uniqueness, our individuality, and how we respond to each challenge defines who we are. Step up to each challenge every day energized with @LucozadeNigeria. #The EnergyToDoYou
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    #Repost @tybello (@get_repost) ・・・ COBHAMS ASUQUO: I love the way @cobhamsasuquo talks ..and thinks .. and describes things .. and builds ideas .. I just love Cobhams sha. I treasures the memories of many of us about 15 years ago .. North avenue , Apapa ..at the beginning of our creative journeys ..inching to find space outside on that big old mattress .. when Nepa took light . Dreaming about music .. and Grammies and changing our world as we all killed mosquitoes. Cobhams had the funniest stories ..and spot on impressions of people. Oh and the unique way he breaks down a song .. puts new life to it with his unique arrangement. It's also funny how often you forget that @cobhams is visually impaired. He talks about it and beautifully describes it all the time .. but you still forget .. I remember sitting in a studio gisting with him and reaching out to him to borrow his pen to correct the line of a song ..he was like .. 'duh' .. TY .. I'm blind !..what would I be doing with a pen ..and we both burst out laughing . If you've ever spent time with Cobhams you would understand what I'm taking about .. you forget!! . Simply Because Cobhams is one of the most alive human beings you'll ever meet.. I guess that's what it means to truly LIVE .the life force we carry when given total freedom ,easily overshadows any limitations we may have . God made us that way. I've learnt that my heart isn't just pumping blood .. it's working really hard .. non stop..24 hrs a day to keep my BODY here ..SO THAT my SPIRIT can have full expression. It's sad that so much time is spent in the shadow of what we can or cannot do in and with our bodies . How amazing life would be if we dared to live .. full spirit unleashed .. to laugh .. to. Love .. to create. .. in truth . @cobhams I'm so honored to know you..thanks for keeping it simple and showing us how to live ... #tybellophotography #thisdaystyle interview by @duchesskaykay #styled by @jekwuthestylist
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    #Repost @thisdaystyle (@get_repost) ・・・ @cobhamsasuquo for @thisdaystyle 📸 @tybello interview by @duchesskaykay